I am not my emotions.

Not going to let them take over. Sorry I spoke up, it just kinda came out. But i was acting through the heart, with all the best intentions. I can’t lie to my friends. I did what I thought was right and now I know I am from your reaction. Sucks losing people, but way to make it even more painful. 

Keep moving forward, don’t get stuck at the stop signs. 

just got the cutest top off Vinted. The crochet and detail is much more intricate and beautiful than i was originally expecting. And it’s a thicker top so i don’t have to wear a bra with it, YAY! (i should prob loosen the straps a little though). I can’t wait to wear this tomorrow night at Red Lion :p


i just don’t get why you wanna cut me out? honestly i shouldn’t care at all because you obviously don’t want to be my friend. 

letting go. no attachments. just be. just me. new, better friends will come along.